Gear List

Some of our tools:

Ready Camera Packages:
Camera 1: Canon C300 available w/ external SDI ProRes/DNxHD recorder.
Camera 2: Canon 5DM3

Standard Canon L Lenses for EF mount cameras:
17-35 F2.8L
70-200 F2.8L
50mm F1.4L

Standard Package Includes:
Sachtler Carbon Fiber Tripod
BlackMagic external SDI/HDMI monitor/recorder
3 x Impact Fluorescent Light Banks
Lowell Tungsten Lighting Kit – (w/small and medium Chimera)
–(3) DP (5) Pro Lights (with speed rings/barn doors)
Z96 Daylight LED Camera light
Matthews 4’x4′ Silk

Lectrosonics UHF Wireless – w/Countryman Lav Mic
Lectrosonics UHF Wireless – Plug-On or Lav Mic
EV RE50 Handheld Stick Mic (wireless option*)
(2) Sony ECM-55 Lav Microphones
PSC 3-channel Field Mixer
Audio Boom w/ Audix HyperCardiod / shotgun mic for interviews
Zoom H5 Audio Recorder (2-channel xlr)

Location Support (Upon Request – Additional Fees May Apply):
Canon 5DM2 and 7DM2 DSLRs
DJI Ronin M 3-axis gimbal
Cinevate Duzi Slider (Motorized)
Westcott 9×10 canvas backdrop
Matthews Vacuum mounts
Sirui Monopod w/Manfrotto fluid head
Make-up Artist
Teleprompter w/ operator

Half Day is 5 Hours & Day Rate is 10 Hours, Portal to Portal
(Other fees may apply: mileage, travel, meals, etc.)