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VINTAGE AUTO TELEVISION features classic and historic cars through the memories and personal stories of collectors and automobile enthusiasts. From race-cars, to brass era cars, to muscle cars, Vintage Auto Television is designed to present and preserve the personal stories of America’s automotive culture and heritage.

Vintage Auto Television engages the viewer with a combination of in-depth interviews, historical information, eye-catching imagery, and automotive heritage along with a dose of nostalgia. Highlighting the very finest examples of cars produced, this documentary-style series celebrates the rich history and passionate relationships of those enthusiasts who are intimately impacted by the cars they love.

Vintage Auto Television transports the audience back to another time by filming the automobiles in locations that reflect their early origins, capturing the cars through beautiful high-definition cinematography while utilizing a combination of historical footage, photography and memorabilia.

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“Looks like its going to be a great show for us car enthusiasts!” John R.

“Finally! I found a TV show about original old vehicles like we own. Thank you.” Rick S.

“Wow! … great stuff” John D.

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